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A Kid’s Guide to Spring Break

Spring Break is one of my favorite times of the year! Not just because I get a break from school, but because my family goes to Fontainebleau for our annual spring break vacation. My Dad grew up going every year with my grandparents, so he said he wanted to continue the tradition. While my Mom and sister shop for clothes and bathing suits weeks out, Dad and I track a countdown clock on our phones, waiting for the big day to fly down to Miami.

This place was made for sunshine and fun. While the adults go do their grown-up things, I get to hang at the FB’s Kids’ Camp which is so much fun! I always make new friends every year and do some of the coolest stuff throughout the entire hotel. The camp’s adult guides are actually cool, not boring like hanging around my parents. They take us to movie nights and music parties, sports competitions, tours of the chocolate shop, water slides and other awesome fun stuff — even my sometimes annoying cousins can’t help but have fun. I could spend my whole day in camp, if my parents would let me — but hey, you can’t have it all.

Hanging with the family isn’t so bad either. Most of the nights we go out to dinner together. I love the food, especially the gelato. It is my favorite meal! The sushi is the best I’ve ever had, even though my mom says I can be a little picky, the restaurants are incredible.

My favorite spot is the Island Cabana, which my parents always reserve for our last day of our trip as our annual tradition. It is surrounded by water, so I can relax and play games on my phone or play in the pool! Hopefully I won’t have too many required reading assignments during Spring Break, because I want to be there having fun, but even if I do, I will just read in style at the Island Cabana. The kids pool also has activities all day too. I always take lots of pics so I can share with my friends when I get back, they all get a little jelly. See you during Spring Break!