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Meet The Team: Executive Director of Revenue Management

Andrew Toole was born, in Nigeria in a city called Ibadan. During this time, his father worked for Nestle and his grandparents had lived there for many years. Andrew, along with his brother was fortunate to grow up in many exciting countries from Nigeria, Switzerland, Morocco, France, Senegal, Zaire (Congo) and Kenya as well as the UK. The many moves were fun; however, his education was always a priority as he attended Boarding School in the South of England near a town called Rye and in Southampton before learning hospitality at a Hotel School in Montreux, Switzerland. Andrew credits his history of working in many luxury hotel properties for preparing him for his current role. Having a diverse background in all parts of the hotel has helped him to understand all of the departments he works with daily. The timing was perfect; being in Miami and Fontainebleau® having a position available in Revenue Management before its grand reopening in 2008. It was an opportunity he couldn’t miss out on.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

My most admired, was perhaps my hardest leader I’ve ever had when I first started my career in London at the Dorchester hotel, she showed me the need for attention to detail and what customer service was all about in a luxury hotel. I took that advice and still believe in it today. 

Passions, hobbies?

For those that know me, will know that I spend a lot of my time cheering on my son’s soccer (football as I call it) team and you will always find me either in front of a TV watching a game or on the field cheering away.

Family background?

I am British by nationality and recently was proud to become a US citizen in 2016. I’m married to a Uruguayan and have 2 children both born here in USA

Anything interesting that you would like our guests to know about you?

When I arrived to the US in 1999, I decided to take up running and gave myself a goal of running a marathon and I achieved that goal by running the New York Marathon after 9-11 which was my most memorable experience. But my biggest achievement was qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2003 – I have run 4 marathons total

Where have you traveled & lived around the world?

Having lived in many parts of Africa, I have traveled to South America and other parts of Europe, my most recent trip was with my family going to Venice, Paris and Copenhagen

If I weren’t at Fontainebleau®, I’d be

Dreaming of being a Formula one Driver but likely working in a Mountain Ski resort hotel as I love to Ski.

Best career advice I’ve gotten

Never burn your bridges and integrity – in this industry someone knows someone, and your reference is the best resume you have for succeeding.

The three qualities that got me where I am today

Firstly, that attention to detail that I learned, never stop learning new systems, ideas or suggestions and being curious and creative.

Kind of work I’d do for free

Anything to do with Formula one or football (soccer!)

Favorite perk of the job

One of the best perks, is being able to meet and get to know some soccer players that visit here. A lot of the English Premier league players like to come here and while most people don’t recognize them, I do and get to know some and even have a few friends now because of it which is great as I like to talk about the game.

Change I’d like to see in my industry

I’m a big believer in technology evolution and staying current with the latest software systems.

Last thing I binge watched

The Spy, with Sacha Baron Cohen about an Israeli spy called Eli Cohen a true story and simply fascinating

On my bucket list

To watch a Grand Prix in Monaco and going to a World Cup final.