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Art of Fontainebleau – Julian Opie

We Swam In The Sea, 2003
We Lounged by the Pool, 2003
Pair of screen prints, with woodblock 
78.7" x 49.9"
Viewable in the Upper Trésor Lobby

Fontainebleau Hotel’s original architect Morris Lapidus broke with the conventions of his times to create what he called “an architecture of joy.” Fontainebleau has since been recognized as a masterpiece of Modernist architecture, but Modernism with an edge, and with plenty of humor and plenty of art. Fontainebleau Miami Beach was honored and voted #1 in the Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects, “Florida Architecture: 100 Years, 100 Places.”

Fontainebleau today follows Lapidus’ precedent by incorporating “cool and hot” examples of contemporary art as a part of its radical departure from the ordinary. Each work of art you see in Fontainebleau is unique, original, and site- specific. All the work has been integrated into the hotel’s total architecture and design to create a completely curated environment.



Julian Opie is one of the most significant artists of his generation whose creative preoccupation has investigated the idea of representation and the means by which images are perceived and understood. Drawing from influences as diverse as billboard signs, classical portraiture and sculpture, to classical Japanese woodblock prints, Opie ‘paints’ using a variety of media and technologies, enabling him to make three- dimensional explorations of his subjects.