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Art of Fontainebleau – Tracey Emin

I Followed You To The Sun, 2013 
 Neon 22.4" x 72" Edition 1 of 3 Viewable in Vida Corridor 

One of Britain’s most prominent contemporary artists, Tracey Emin is internationally recognized for the blunt and revealing style that pervades her work. Drawing from personal experiences, Emin reveals emotional situations with brutal honesty and humor in a wide variety of media, including painting, drawing, embroidery, neon, installation, sculpture, and film. 

A consummate storyteller, Tracey Emin engages the viewer with her candid exploration of universal emotions and reveals intimate details from her life to engage the viewer with her expressions of those emotions. Her ability to integrate her work and personal life enables Emin to establish an intimacy with the viewer. 

The artistic forms that exemplify Fontainebleau® —its curvilinear Chateau Tower and signature bow tie floors, to its light installations and awe-inspiring chandeliers— all convey a feeling of delight and joy and Tracey’s work I Followed You to The Sun in neon is seamlessly at home in this iconic environment. Emin is a panelist and speaker, lecturing about the links between creativity and autobiography, and the role of subjectivity and personal histories in constructing art. In January 2013, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Emin a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for her contributions to the visual arts.