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FIU Program on Demand – Bar Management

Fontainebleau Miami Beach continues their partnership with Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management to host a Program On Demand (POD) course focusing on mixology. From November 8-9, Fontainebleau hosted 11 students for an introductory, dynamic course in bar management and bar essentials, helping students learn how to include mixology in a hospitality setting.

The Program On Demand, which the university launched in fall 2018, provides students with unique experiences that move away from traditional classroom education and explore a series of engaging courses outside of Florida International University’s campus. In March of 2019, Fontainebleau hosted its first Program On Demand, which gave students a hands-on understanding of the hospitality industry through experiences in multiple facets of hotel operations, including room operations, finance, marketing, and more.

During this two-day program, students were brought on an educational journey through operational basics, financials, sales, and other components that support a successful bar operation. On day one, students participated in sessions focusing on the logistics of running a bar, including topics like floor management, employee and customer satisfaction, purchasing, and scheduling, as well as a wine and champagne training. Day two focused on cocktail creation, with sessions on building a bar program, cocktail basics, and cocktail trends. At the end of the two days, students received a certificate of completion from Joshua Summers, Vice President of Food & Beverage at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, as well as one class credit.

“I was honored to spend time with the students from Florida International University and play a part in their education,” said Mishko Josifov, General Manager of Bleau Bar. “Hands-on experience is so important when it comes to the hospitality industry, and I’m glad I was able to share some of my knowledge with the next generation of hospitality professionals.”

The hotel employs over 100 of the school’s graduates including President and Chief Operating Officer, Phil Goldfarb.Mr. Goldfarb held the position of Chair of the Dean’s Council at the school for three years and was awarded the school’s “Torchbearer Award” and the university’s prestigious “FIU Medallion” in 2007. 

“My Florida International University education has been instrumental in my success in the hospitality industry,” said Phil Goldfarb, President and Chief Operating Officer. “I was thrilled that we could welcome current FIU students to Fontainebleau Miami Beach for this unique program detailing the key aspects of food and beverage operations. I always jump at the chance to give back to my alma mater and to inspire the next generation of hospitality professionals.”