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Heating Things Up with Jian Heng Loo, Chef at Hakkasan Miami

Heading up Hakkasan’s kitchen is Chef de Cuisine Jian Heng Loo (Kenny), a new generation chef that uses his creativity and open mind to innovate the traditional Chinese cuisine. At Hakkasan, Chef Loo is responsible for all operations including menu design, which features modern Chinese cuisine, as well as all staff training and food production.

Prior to taking the role of Chef de Cuisine at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s acclaimed Hakkasan, Jian Heng Loo honed his craft over a span of twenty years throughout Asia. Originally from Malaysia, Loo has worked at prestigious restaurants including the Capella Singapore, a luxury resort, and the G Hotel in Malaysia.

How is Hakkasan paving the next wave of food trends?

Restaurant-goers are beginning to be more health-conscious. It has taken such a trend that we’ve introduced edamame in many of our dishes. It is not only one of the world’s most popular and versatile food crops, but also it has been expanding beyond the Asian markets, particularly in the USA. This year alone we have seen many culinary experts incorporate edamame into their recipes due to the fact that consumers are beginning to become more aware of their intake.

What does the future of Asian food look like?

The future of Asian cuisine is a bright one with the newest generation embracing more exotic types of ethnic food. Hakkasan raises the bar in providing young diners striking, native cuisine in a refined space. 

What do you think of the current Asian cuisine in the United States?

It’s an exciting time for Asian cuisine in the United States. There are first-generation Asian Americans or Asian American immigrant chefs and restaurateurs that came up with their feet in two culinary worlds – the Asian food from their upbringing and the continuously evolving American food expansion. They’ve collided with increasing rates throughout our lifetimes. Today more than ever, the Asian American food scene is and will continue to be a fusion of those worlds, as Asian American food grows in representation in the overall culinary world.

From edamame plates to dim sum, guests can enjoy Chef Loo’s array of Chinese cuisine at Hakkasan Miami.

For more information on Hakkasan, please visit Fontainebleau.com/Hakkasan