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Introducing the newest edition to the art of Fontainebleau, John-Paul Philippe

John-Paul Philippe is a native Oklahoma born artist and designer splitting his time between New York City and Sharon, he began his career as a painter and would have stayed that way, if not for a chance encounter with Barneys New York creative director.

After designing a mural in the store, Philippe embarked on a longtime collaboration with the brand and was at the forefront of the Barneys New York store concept design and interior art throughout the United States and Japan, which led him to more three-dimensional explorations. His work now ranges from paintings & murals to large scale interior design elements such as integrated metal sculpture in both commercial and private venues.

His wall dividers, furniture, lighting elements, and bird perches have been shown in numerous international design shows and fairs. Like his paintings, Philippe’s sculptures are filled with the curvy, organic shapes of early Modernism. “I was one of those who always tried to see shapes in clouds, shadows,” he has said. His architectural design can be seen around the world, from a restaurant in Japan to a chapel in the Dominican Republic, to right here at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Discover John-Paul Philipe’s art at our famed Bleau Bar, visit