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CBD has been a topic of conversation for quite sometime, and it has now made its way into the world of beauty. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for the skin, so it’s no wonder that it appears to be essentially everywhere.

This year for Miami Spa Month, Lapis Spa has announced an exclusive partnership with CBD beauty brand, Lab to Beauty. Being the first brand of its kind to enter the luxury market, it only made sense to introduce these clean skin care products to Lapis Retail, along with our newest Miami Spa Month treatment, the Deep Massage with CBD and Lavender.

We sat down with one of Lab to Beauty’s founders, Katherine Ragusa, to learn more about the brand and the importance of incorporating CBD products into your beauty routine.

How did the idea for Lab to Beauty come about? What made you want to start a CBD line?

My sister Alison and I have been creating natural skin care together for over 7 years.  Our inspiration has always come from plants and we love to blend Alison’s background in holistic health with my passion for product development. This is our recipe. 

When I first came across CBD, I immediately called her with the idea to create a luxury brand surrounding this exciting active. We saw CBD as a luxury experience because of it’s calming, soothing, spa-like effect. We knew that we could combine these unique qualities of CBD with the sensuality of other plant actives to create something really special.

How are Lab to Beauty Products created?

Lab to Beauty products are created by putting plants first. All of our formulas are plant-based and beautifully pure. 

Our CBD is sustainably farmed and sourced. Triple bottom line, seed-to-sale agriculture production is utilized. Supercritical CO2 extraction is employed [without the use of any harsh chemicals] to obtain the super concentrated cannabidiol isolate. Then our CBD is blended synergistically with all the other plant actives, bottled fresh in the lab and brought right to your beauty routine.

What are the benefits of incorporating CBD into your beauty routine?

CBD takes soothing to the next level in your beauty routine. And everyone needs more soothing in their life. The most important [and exciting] thing people need to know about CBD is that it helps relieve inflammation, and inflammation is skin’s #1 enemy. 

What characteristics make you successful in the beauty industry?

Our commitment to using the cleanest ingredients and technologies. 

What does it take to build a beauty brand from the ground up in today’s world? 

With anything you need effort and help.  My father taught us that in order to build anything you would need to give an extraordinary effort and you will need help.  In order to find help, you have to have confidence in others. We are fortunate to build things together as sisters. We help each other and we have the utmost confidence in each other. 

Where does your passion/drive come from? 

We are artists. Our passion and drive comes from the creative process. Seeing things from idea to shelf, to the final goal: love from our customers. We make Lab to Beauty with so much care and concern. This is what makes it special.

What about your job makes you feel the most fulfilled? 

Building with my family and sisters. Our wonderful partnerships with the companies we work with [we love you Fontainebleau].  And seeing all the smiles on our customers’ faces.

For more on Lapis Spa and booking your Deep Massage with CBD and Lavender, visit fontainebleau.com/spa.