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Meet The Team: Derek Lescrinier, Executive Director of Rooms

Meet Derek Lescrinier, Executive Director of Rooms. Derek credits his parents as being the driving force behind his passion for working in the hospitality industry. Admiring both his father and mother for working at The Plaza Hotel (Dad, 25 years & Mom, 20 years) he grew up fascinated by the stories they would tell of the Plaza’s big, grand events. Interestingly enough, when his Mom found out he wanted to go into the hospitality industry she tried to talk him out of it! As time went on, he could not resist his desire for a career in the hospitality industry.

If I weren’t at Fontainebleau®, 

I would be working for a hotel in New York City.

What prepared you for this role? 

Every position that I have ever held in the industry. From being a Front Desk Agent, Banquet Housemen, Bellmen to leadership roles that I have held in Front Office, Guest Services & HSKP all gave me tools that I use in my current role.

Anything interesting that you would like our guests to know about you?

I have worked in 11 hotels since I started my career and have been a part of 3 different brand hotel openings.

The three qualities that got me where I am today:

Say Yes

Be creative, sometimes your craziest ideas are the best ones.

Don’t micromanage, trust and support your team and they will back you up.

Kind of work I’d do for free:

Scout for the New York Yankees

Who I admire and Why:

My Mom! My Dad passed away when I was 5 years old and my brother was 3. She did everything she could (looking back I don’t know how she did it) to make sure that I had a great childhood and that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. As I got older she continued to support me even if she didn’t agree with my choices (but she made sure to tell me).

Where have you traveled around the world?

All over the states; Most of Europe (Switzerland, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Greece), Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, & the Caribbean.

If I could live in a foreign country:

It would be Switzerland

On my bucket list:

To attend a New York Yankees World Series Game

For more insights from Derek, visit him at the Front Desk in Chateau Lobby