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Meet The Team: Tuncay Yalcin, Executive Banquet Chef

Tuncay Yalcin was born in Zile, in Tokat a province of Turkey and joined the Fontainebleau® Team in 2018. As the oldest of two boys, Tuncay remembers growing up in a village where his parents are farmers, up until the age of 12. As a youth, he was able to attend government boarding schools to complete his middle and high school education- where he was able to explore the culinary field. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Balikesir University in Turkey, he was able to move the United States in 2007 on a J1 visa as a student for three terms. Tuncay believes his experience from schools in Turkey, Orlando, New York, San Francisco, as well as the opening of a 1,200 room hotel in Chicago prepared him for his role as an Executive Banquet Chef. Along with his passion for cooking, Tuncay’s other joys include spending time with family and learning about different ethnic cultures and cuisines.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

My father. He wasn’t able to receive a proper education, but he did everything he could so that my brother and I could attend the best schools.

Where have you traveled & lived around the world?

Most big cities in the USA and Havana, Cuba.

If I weren’t at Fontainebleau, I’d be

Cooking in a different kitchen.

Best career advice I’ve gotten

Take care of your team, get to know each of them and create a positive work environment.

The three qualities that got me where I am today

Hard work, attitude, enthusiasm.

Kind of work I’d do for free

Teach kids how to cook and feed the less fortunate

Favorite perk of the job

Being able to be part of so many different events.

Change I’d like to see in my industry

Using more technology without losing the human touch.

Last thing I binge watched

Chefs Table on Netflix.

If I could live in a foreign country,

It would be Switzerland.

On my bucket list

Travel the world and get to know all cultures through their food.