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Spring Travel Made Easy

As the Spring season approaches, so will the promise of warm and travel-friendly weather. Our seasoned travel experts want to make sure that you and your family are prepared with a few tips on how to make planning your next vacation a breeze.

Take advantage of travel deals:

Many hotels and resorts offer deals for spring break travel and by booking your trip in advance, you are able to save, save, and did I mention SAVE. With popular destinations such as Florida, California and the Caribbean being the ideal location for Spring breakers, it is always best to check out what discounts are available and book a room as soon as possible.

Pack ahead of time:

This is a common mistake made but even the seasoned of travelers. The ideal scenario is to pack light but when traveling with the entire family, that can prove to be almost impossible. Planning your activities ahead of time will help in making sure you know exactly what essential items are needed in advance and allows you to be at ease when the time comes for you to zip up that suitcase and head to your flight. For a destination like Fontainebleau where there are so many activities available on property, it is best to have an outfit for every occasion.

Secure your airport and inflight entertainment:

Let’s face it, traveling with children can be an experience filled with unpredictable outcomes. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that you are packing enough entertainment whether it be an iPad, small books, or easy to travel with toys that will keep your little one (s) occupied.

Upgrade to a Suite:

Why not go all out on your next trip and book a suite. A spacious suite is the ideal situation for families of 4 or more and will ensure that you get a good night’s rest on a luxurious comfortable bed while the kids are nestled away in their room. Fontainebleau’s 200 premium suites will offer you just the right amount of options to choose from for you and your family.

Let us help you plan your next Spring vacation and stay up-to-date with upcoming travel deals by visiting us at Fontainebleau.com or following us on social.