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Ultra Benefits of Water Treatments

Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate.

Lapis Spa is a luxurious retreat designed with your well-being in mind. To enhance the benefits of spa treatments, Lapis’ complementary ritual elements of heat, mineral waters, and steam restore energy flow, clear the mind and open the heart to a renewed feeling of well-being. Here is a list of our recommended watery journeys in which are guaranteed to allow you to emerge renewed.

Immerse, infuse, renew:

Be transformed. Our signature Lapis Ritual Water Elements are restorative, mineral-enriched water therapies to complement and enhance the benefits of spa services. Elements of mist, rain and steam are designed to promote deep relaxation and renewal of vital energies. Begin an unforgettable journey of mental enrichment, awakening and renewal.

Immersion Mineral Jet Bath:

104°F water infused with vital nutrients restore balance to the skin and increases circulation and flexibility. Recommended prior to any spa service and the time of use is 7 to 10 minutes. H

Elements Rain Tunnel:

Multiple jets massage the body with streams of warm and cool water at varied strengths. Consider a relaxing shower soak prior to your spa service.

Energy Deluge Shower:

Jets cascade warm water over the entire body providing renewed energy and vitality. Invigorating and stimulating to the body and mind.H

Bleau Rain Room:

Our guests’ favorite, a calming blue haze envelops the body as warm showers soothe and regenerate tired muscles.H

Eucalyptus Infusion Steam:

Eucalyptus steam room combines the therapeutic effects of moist heat and inhalation therapy. Eucalyptus is an anti-viral and disinfectant while moist heat escalates perspiration to aid in detoxification and improves circulation and relaxation. Recommended for use after spa treatments to help detox the body.H

Essence Mineral Co-ed Jet Pool:

Lapis’ 75 foot, multi-temperature jetted pool set at a comfortable 92°F, is treated with minerals that help energize the body and soften the skin. Recommended time of use is 10 to 20 minutes.H

HIndicates a heat treatment.

To experience one of our Lapis Water Journeys, visit fontainebleau.com/spa for reservations.